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Wanting to take a trip to a Disney?  Not sure of the accommodations that Disney makes for families with Special Needs?

Contact Nicole Thibault: Magical Story Book Travels learn more!

Magical Storybook Travels is committed to making family vacations special for ALL families. Having a family member with Special Needs means some extra challenges when it comes to travel, but with careful planning and preparation, traveling can be pleasure for all members of the family.

When you book your next vacation with Magical Storybook Travels, you will meet with our trained staff to discuss your family's needs. (For those out of the Rochester area, this meeting can be done via phone, Skype or Face Time.)

From this discussion, our agency can make recommendations based on your identified areas of need -- Creation of picture schedules and social stories based on your family's vacation. Restaurant and dining options based on special dietary needs.  Resort and attraction selections based on sensory processing issues. Scooter or wheelchair rentals based on mobility issues and recovery from serious illness. Assistance with itinerary planning.

All families deserve to spend relaxing time together on vacation. Let Magical Storybook Travels help you do just that.


To find out more, contact Nicole Thibault at 585-880-6951.

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Tips & Locations

6 Tips for traveling with a child with autism:


Universal Studios

Universal Orlando for Guests with Autism 

Indoor Water park - Hotel

At first glance, this place seems to be the least autism-friendly place to vacation! But once you start experiencing it, you find that your kids (even the ones w/ ASD) are having a BLAST! Here are some tips and reviews based on our experience.

1. Choose a weekday! We went on a Saturday night (you get 2 full days of waterpark for 1 night stay). It was very crowded on Saturday (almost DOUBLE the people than Sunday!) The crowd can be very overstimulating for some, and can keep you from getting a "home base" table to keep your things. We found that when it was that crowded, the outside area was less crowded and easier to keep tabs on the kids while playing outside.

2.Make check-in a breeze! Send ONE person from your crew (the one who holds the credit card) to check in and get the information and wristbands. The wristbands are VERY IMPORTANT as the adult bands double as a room key, and all bands are your "entry" to the waterpark. If you lose the band, it is 30 bucks to replace! You may check-in and use the facilities at 1pm, but your room may not be ready until 4. Our check-in was a breeze, and our room was available right at 1. I would not advise taking the whole crew, luggage, etc. to wait in line. One family member staying in the car with the kids is the best idea.

3. Make a schedule! Think of who will be with the kids and who will be at the table watching the stuff (if you don't buy a locker). Determine if you will eat meals at the resort, or go out to eat. Prepare your children ahead of time so you don't have meltdowns when it is time to leave the waterpark. Rotate "duties" so parents don't get burned out! We are making an HOUR by HOUR schedule next time we go!!

4. Take advantage of their other activites! They have a little area where kids can do crafts and play bingo for prizes. They have an area just for teens to play guitar hero and x-box. They have a grown-up spa, and a kid's spa! They have a show in the main lobby a few times a day, and they have bedtime stories at night. They also offer a "MagiQuest" game that my kids BEGGED to play, but we didn't allow them to.

5. Get prepared for NOISE!!! You can imagine what it will sound like with hundreds of children screaming at an indoor waterpark... and it is very loud in there! (It is MUCH better outside though). There is no music playing at the waterpark.. which I am used to, so that was weird. Also be prepared for the possibility of noisy children and teens running down the halls when you are trying to sleep. We actually had to call the front desk because kids were slamming luggage carts into our door. The "MagiQuest Game" takes place ALL over the hotel, so if you are the unfortunate person that has to be in the room closest to the "hidden staircase" I am soooo sorry!

6. Make the staff autism aware! When checking in, tell the front desk if your child has sensory issues prohibiting them from wearing a wristband. They worked with us and allowed me (as his parent) to wear the child's wristband with our own.

7. Go GFCF! - You are not allowed to take outside food into the waterpark area, but you can have outside food in your hotel room (they even have mini fridges and microwaves in the room). We took GFCF breakfasts, snacks and drinks to keep in the room, and if the kids wanted something from the snack bar, they ate french fries. Our kids were too busy playing to worry about food though!

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Autism Pass at Cedar Point:

boarding pass program

Guest Assistance Guide - 2015

Autism Friendly Vacation Destinations:


Flying Tips



ROC Your Flight with Arc & TSA

ROC Your Flight allows travelers with special needs the opportunity to experience first-hand the Airport and the passenger security screening process prior to flying from ROC. Passengers, their family and caregivers can benefit from ROC Your Flight by learning in advance what services are available to them when they travel. This early introduction to the airport process is intended to help ease any apprehensions those with special needs and their families may have about traveling by air.

The program is held on a Saturday evening and participants are given an introduction to the program, undergo passenger security screening in the checkpoint and are able to board a commercial aircraft. This program gives participants an opportunity to become familiar and confident in their new air travel experience.

For more information, or to sign up for a course date listed below, contact the Arc of Monroe at 585-271-0660 x2539 or email .

Upcoming Course Dates for 2017:

May 20, 2017*

October 21, 2017*